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(L.1) Request for Judicial Review - June 1998
(L.2) Bromley London Borough Council (Crystal Palace) Act 1990
- 29th June 1990; includes an APPENDIX of notes, Bromley Undertaking
Appeal Court Judgement - 21st December 1998

House of Lords Petition - 18th January 1999
Crystal Palace Campaign - submission to Bromley Council re: detailed planning permission - top site; ref: 99.0155 - March 1999 - includes covering letter
Bromley's Response to (L.5)
Crystal Palace Campaign response to Bromley's (L.6)
European Commission - representations by the Crystal Palace Campaign concerning the Top Site - APRIL 1999
House of Lords Petition - not granted! 22 June 1999; letter from Ken Lewington Vice Chairman, Crystal Palace Campaign.
Bromley Council - Policy and Resources Committee Agenda - meeting (28th July 1999) two relevant agenda items No.11, Part 1 - Crystal Palace: Eviction costs.and No. 13 Part 1-Public, Item 4 - Second Judicial Review - Crystal Palace.

Is the Anerley Hill road tunnel unlawful? A new legal challenge considered.(17/04/00)
(L.12) To Whom it May Concern - application notice for 14 liquor licences from G Springer, London & Regional Properties - 27 June 2000
(L.13) Crystal Palace Campaign -
letter to Bromley Council - Reserved Matters (31 August 2000)
European Commission letter - 20/10/00
(L.15) Bromley Magistrates Court -
judgement from the Licencing Committee 30 November 2000
(L.16) London Borough of Bromley -
Agenda Item 11: Crystal Palace Exhibition 7 September 2000

Consultation starts here! - questionnaire on the future of the park (and FAQS) - June 2001
Crystal Palace Trust - A Blueprint for Community Cooperation - Crystal Palace Campaign consultation proposal, September 2001
Objections to the London Borough of Bromley's Unitary Development Plan - submitted May 2001
Unitary Development Plan (Second Deposit Draft)- Objections, October 2002

European Commission Letter - 14/01/03: EC taking Government to the European Court of Justice over failure to do Environmental Impact Assessment at Crystal palace.
Commission pursues infringement proceedings against eight Member States for non-compliance with Environmental Impact Assessment Directive - 24 January 2003
(L.23) LONDON BOROUGH OF BROMLEY - Development Control Committee,
Environmental Impact Cases, 22 July 2003 (agenda item)

Local plans and unitary development plans: a guide to procedures - Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (1999)
(L25) Crystal Palace Campaign -
Rebuttal Proof of Evidence of Philip Kolvin, London Borough of Bromley Unitary Development Plan (Dec 2003)
Crystal Palace Bill 2001- presented to the House of Commons on 10th April 2001 by Geraint Davies
(L27) London County Council
(Crystal Palace) Act, 1951
(L28) Crystal Palace Campagn -
Full Proof of Evidence of Philip Kolvin, London Borough of Bromley Unitary Development Plan (Dec 2003)
(L29) Crystal Palace Campagn -
Summary Proof of Evidence of Philip Kolvin, London Borough of Bromley Unitary Development Plan (Dec 2003)

Public Inquiry Inspector appointed by Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott;1 September 2004
Current status of the UDP enquiry (October 2004) - also news of changes in the law.

(L32) European Court of Justice -
Notification of 'Environmental Impact Assessment case - 19 May 2005
(L33) European Commission - Environmental Impact Assessment -
What it's about?? 21 May 2005
(L34) Report for the Hearing in the European Court of Justice, Case C-508/03 - 22 June 2005: Commission of the
European Communities v. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Developed from the Crystal Palace Campaign submission to the EU)
(L35) Report for the Hearing in the European Court of Justice, Case C-290/03 - 22 June 2005;
Preliminary ruling: The Queen v. London Borough of Bromley, ex parte Diane Barker (Local private resident)
Local Government Consultation - 12 Oct 2005 ; MP Ian Liddell-Grainger (Con., Bridgwater); Hansard record first reading private member's bill.
Judgement of the Court (First Chamber) - Case C-508/03, 4 May 2006: Commission vs. UK
Judgement of the Court (First Chamber) - Case C-290/03, 4 May 2006: Barker vs. LB Bromley
(L39) Judgement of two European Court of Justice cases (EIA) -
letter to Planning Officers from DCLG (Colin Byrne), 30 June 2006
(L40) Judgement - House of Lords:
Regina v. London Borough of Bromley (Respondents) ex parte Barker (FC)(Appelant) - 6 December 2006

(L41) London Borough of Bromley -
Report on complaint against Capel Manor: Plans Sub-Committee No. 3, meeting 19th July 2007


(L42) Call-in of Master Plan Application to Bromley Council by Government Office of London - 28 January 2009
(L43) Call-in process and GROUNDS for call in - 17 February 2009
(L44) Call-in of Master Plan - Invitations to comment - Bromley Council 2 March 2009
(L45) Crystal Palace Park - Listing Status, Ed. Ray Sacks : UPDATED 22 October 2013 + links
(L46) Crystal Palace Park - SUPPORTING THE MASTER PLAN (at the Inquiry of July 2009)
(L47) Crystal Palace Park - INQUIRY - Day 1 report 7 July 2009
(L48) Crystal Palace Park - Inquiry supporter's documents from Ray Sacks (representing 25 people + the CPC) etc... and from Peter Austin
(L49) Crystal Palace Park - The Inquiry - first day
(L50) Crystal Palace Park - The Inquiry general links
(L51) Crystal Palace Park - Master Plan/Inquiry time-line/APPROVAL (13/12/10)
- updated 25/10/12

(L52) Crystal Palace Park -Master Plan Challenge in the Appeal Court FAILS - updated 18/06/13
(L53) Crystal Palace Park -Master Plan Challenge in the Appeal Court Full Judgement (26/6/13
Master Plan - planning application notes & forms (from 2007 - 19/11/14)
) Bromley Council- invitation to become a panelist for community projects 13 February 2015


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