8 June 2007

Croydon Tramlink Extension to Crystal Palace - Consultation results

Transport for London (TfL) has published the results of the public consultation on three route options for tile proposed extension of Croydon Tramlink to Crystal Palace.

The extension of the successful and popular Croydon Tramlink will provide a direct service of six trams an hour between Croydon and Crystal Palace Parade. The new tram service will link with local bus and rail routes, including the extended East London Line, making onward journeys across London quicker and easier.

The extension will give an economic boost to the area by generating extra spending in shops and restaurants in Anerley and Crystal Palace and by helping local residents take advantage of employment opportunities in Croydon.

The consultation, held in autumn 2006, asked people's views on three possible tram routes for the northern part of the proposed extension between Anerley Road and Crystal Palace Parade.

Over 1,500 people and organisations responded to the consultation, and more than 700 people came to the exhibitions held in November and December.

The response showed continued strong support for the scheme, with more than twice as many positive comments about the Extension as negative ones. On the route options, the responses have showed that people strongly favoured option 2:

Where people expressed a second choice, Option 3 was clearly preferred, with five times as many second choices as Option 1. You can download a copy of the results of the consultation from TfL's website [Executive Summary; Full Consultation Report].

TfL is now working to select the preferred route from the three options, as well as developing a route for rest of the link. TfL will be looking at which route is best overall, taking into account the cost of construction, passenger numbers, environmental impact and the views of residents and stakeholders outlined in the consultation. A route for the extension will be decided towards the end of 2007. TfL intends to apply for the powers to build the extension in 2009 and, subject to receiving Government approval and funding, the extension could be open in 2013.

TfL will shortly distribute the first in a series of newsletters to local residents that will keep people informed as the project develops.

To find out more about the consultation, or if you need any further information, please contact Darielle Bedding on 020 7126 3915 or email us at cteproject@tfl.gov.uk.

Full Route

Ed. most of the text is from the letter sent out by TfL to respondents. A few other quotes are fom the report on the website.

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