LDA Press Statement

19 March 2007

Issued to CPP Dialogue members; for briefing and distribution

Swimming Pool renovation at National Sports Centre

The swimming pool machinery, pumps and other equipment in the National Sports Centre is to be replaced. This machinery and equipment - which keeps the pool working - is nearing the end of its operational life.

This renovation work is due to start in autumn 2007. While this will cause some short term disruption; including the closure of the pool and other facilities at the National Sport Centre for up to six months - these works will ensure that swimming continues at the National Sports Centre through to 2012.

The Rt. Hon. Tessa Jowell (MP for Dulwich and West Norwood and Minister in charge of the Department of Culture Media and Sport) says:

"I welcome the news that the Board of the LDA has given approval and a commitment to provide funding for refurbishment of the pool plant at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. This will be one of the first major improvements that fit in with the wider vision of the Park Masterplan and shows that action is now starting to take shape. This is great news for many of my constituents who use both the park and the pool.   As Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport and Olympics Minister, I am pleased that a famous and popular venue will provide first class training and competition opportunities both locally and nationally, which is especially important as we move towards the Beijing Olympics next year and our own Olympics in 2012."

After 2012 the London Development Agency plans to build a new regional sports facility - including swimming - in Crystal Palace Park after 2012 and remodel the athletics stadium. The existing National Sports Centre building will be converted for dry sports uses, such as 5-aside football and indoor hockey.  International athletic events will move to the Olympic Stadium at Stratford.

Major sporting events such as the athletics Grand Prix and the London Youth Games will continue at Crystal Palace until at least 2012.

For further details on the temporary closure of the NSC, please contact either


More information about the forthcoming activities and works to the NSC will be available on the website www.gll.org http://www.gll.org

Ed: It is estimated that the costs of renovation will be about £5.5 million. However, considering the several options that were discussed in the Crystal Palace Park Working Group (part of the Dialogue Process), this approach turned out to be the cheapest by far, the best in terms of keeping the facility running and did not interfer with Olympic Training and other events. It is also in accord with the listed status of the NSC. The situation right now is fairly critical since breakdowns have been occurring more frequently, the latest as recently as last week (i.e. end June 2007).

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