The Crystal Palace Campaign welcomes last week’s GLA announcement removing the threat of closure from the National Sports Centre and bringing nearer the takeover of the Park by the London Development Agency from Bromley Council. The Campaign, working with Geraint Davies MP in April 2001, was instrumental in preparing a bill for Parliament (The Crystal Palace Act 2001), which proposed just this solution for the management of the Park.

Ray Sacks, recently made CPC chairman in succession to Philip Kolvin, stated:

“The GLA’s decision to make a true start in regenerating the NSC and the Park is a historic one and is a direct result of the consultation process we in the Crystal Palace Campaign initiated 2 years ago and positively pursued among local groups and authorities. We thank Mayor Ken Livingston for his commitment and that of all the bodies which brought about this radical transformation in attitudes. We are confident the LDA will live up to their promise to consult widely with local groups before decision are taken – and we shall be vigilant on behalf of all our supporters in ensuring that they do.“

The agreement announced last week provides for Sport England to take a further 2-year lease on the NSC, thanks to a contribution towards running costs from the LDA. Immediately, Sport England will fund the refurbishment of the Stadium running track to international standards in time for the annual Grand Prix meeting on July 30.

During the next two years the LDA will draw up detailed plans for a redeveloped or replacement Sports Centre, after which it will take over the lease. As for the Park overall, the LDA has taken an option to take over the running from Bromley within 5 years. The agreement was hailed as a significant step on the way to a new and happy future for the Park by the Mayor, Richard Caborn, Minister for Sport among others.


Note for Editors:
The text of the GLA press release is on our website.
The full text of the proposed Crystal Palace Act 2001 is also on the Campaign website


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27 February 2004 Last updated 27/02/04