Dismay over Bromley’s hoardings at
Crystal Palace Park

The Crystal Palace Campaign regrets that Bromley Council has gone ahead, after only cursory local consultation, with an unsightly hoarding at the Crystal Palace Park top site. The need both to protect this English Heritage Grade II* listed site from fly tipping and to clean up the unhygienic mess there is urgent and well understood by the local community. However, the Campaign, along with other community representatives, had urged Bromley to consider an alternative and less obtrusive fence as recently as a top-level meeting last Friday, 2nd August.

The alternative suggestion had the merit of being proof against fly posting and graffiti, unlike the hoarding now going up. Things will look even worse if Bromley extends its proposal for advertising hoardings along much of Crystal Palace Parade.

In addition Bromley’s initial proposal to isolate the top site from all access – thus making ugly hoardings visible from inside the park, and denying a well-used pathway to the terraces -- is unnecessary. The need is to prevent fly tipping and vehicle access to the top site only, and that could still be achieved by securely barring access from Crystal Palace Parade itself.

Given the recent positive steps to engage in dialogue between the local community and Bromley – including seeking a process of proper consultation – it is disappointing that Bromley, at the first critical juncture, should have made its decision first and informed the community afterwards.

The Campaign is still pursuing with Bromley a less obtrusive method of securing the site. But for the future it urges Bromley Council, in the interests of cementing good community relations, to learn the lesson that people will be only brought along and persuaded through early dialogue before final decisions are taken. Anything else, however well intentioned, risks looking a sham.

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7/8/02 Last updated 7/8/02