Political interest in a new Community Trust for Crystal Palace Park was expressed last Tuesday at a Commons meeting called by Tessa Jowell MP for Dulwich & West Norwood, newly elevated to the Cabinet as Culture Secretary. Ms. Jowell, calling together Council Leaders and MPs adjacent to the Park, echoed support expressed by London Mayor Ken Livingstone’s environmental adviser, Darren Johnson.

The Trust has been proposed by the Crystal Palace Campaign following the scrapping of the vigorously opposed multiplex cinema planned for the Park. The Trust would be a registered charity, with trustees appointed by an independent panel, together with politicians from the five local authorities around the Park, the Greater London Authority and Westminster. Its declared purpose is to work in partnership with the London Borough of Bromley to enhance and maintain Crystal Palace Park, having regard to its history, its parkland status and residential environs. The Trust would raise funds, make grant applications and guide regeneration of the park, in consultation with local people.

The Campaign has also proposed a new Crystal Palace Assembly, containing representatives of all interested groups and associations across the five boroughs, to ensure democratic participation in the future of Crystal Palace Park. The Assembly would be consulted by the Trust on all relevant matters.

Campaign Chairman Philip Kolvin said:

“We have won the war with arrows fired at the Achilles heel of the multiplex. We must now win the peace with the balm of dialogue, conciliation and collaboration. The Trust and Assembly will create a democratic forum of ideas in a climate of goodwill, together with the fund-raising ability and professionalism needed to deliver sustainable improvement to this great Victorian Park. I commend the idea to local residents and their political representatives.”

Darren Johnson said:

"I have always maintained that any scheme for the Crystal Palace Park must be accompanied by a full Environmental Impact Assessment and have the support of local residents and those people who use the Park. I am very pleased, therefore, to support the proposal for Crystal Palace Park Trust that will bring these elements together, and I applaud the Crystal Palace Campaign for the initiative."

Tessa Jowell emphasised the community involvement in the proposals, saying:

“The important thing about the future of the Crystal Palace site is finding a solution that the local community supports. I hope that all stakeholders will play their part in this.”

The Campaign is consulting on the idea with local groups, and will hold a public meeting in October, on a date to be announced, for discussion of the idea.


1. The Campaign’s Blueprint for Community Collaboration is attached. A copy can also be found on our web-site: www.crystal.dircon.co.uk

2. The Campaign’s consultation newsletter is going to 35,000 households door to door, and a further 15,000 will go to schools and other organisations. A copy is also on the website.




1. To work in partnership with the London Borough of Bromley to enhance and maintain Crystal Palace Park, having regard to its history, its parkland status and residential environs.

2. For those purposes, to: (a) consult local opinion. (b) raise funds; (c) make grant applications;


1. The Trust shall be a company limited by guarantee, and a registered charity.

2. The Trust shall be managed by a Board of Trustees who shall all serve without fee.

3. There shall be an Assembly comprised of local stakeholders who shall be consulted by the Trustees on all matters affecting the Trust.


There shall be up to 20 Trustees, appointed as follows.

1. 9 local individuals

An Appointments Panel shall invite applications for 9 places on the Board of Trustees. The Panel may consult any Trustee so appointed before making further appointments.

2. 3 national/regional politicians

The 9 trustees so appointed shall then appoint as Trustees one member of the Greater London Authority, one member of the House of Commons and one member of the House of Lords.

3. 5 local politicians

The leaders of each of the London Boroughs of Bromley, Lewisham, Croydon, Southwark and Lambeth shall each be invited by the Trust to nominate one trustee, who shall be a councillor of a ward abutting Crystal Palace Park.

4. 3 invited experts The trustees so appointed may appoint up to 3 further trustees who shall be selected on the basis of relevant expertise in one or more areas of the work of the Trust.


Bill Higman (former Chair of Dulwich Society)
Head of Alleyns
Eleanor Young (Mayor of London’s political adviser) or Victor Anderson (Green GLA Member, and Member of London Development Agency)
Janet Grigg (Councillor, Gipsy Hill ward)
Andrew Pelling (Croydon GLA Member)
Bob Neill (Bromley GLA Member)

[None of the above has been approached]


The Trust may invite a prominent individual to become the Patron of the Trust.


1. The Assembly shall be comprised of the individuals, and one nominee of each of the organisations, named in the attached list.

2. The Assembly may appoint further members to the Assembly, so as to ensure representation by all sections of the community, and in particular those sections unrepresented by formal organisations.

3. The Assembly shall be chaired by the Chair or Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees.

4. The Assembly may form sub-committees to consider and report upon any relevant matter.

5. Members of the Assembly shall consult all members of the group, society or section of the community they represent, so as to ensure democratic representation.


1. The Board of Trustees and the Assembly shall each meet once per month.

2. Copies of books and records of the Trust and Assembly shall be deposited for public inspection in Upper Norwood Library and minutes of all meetings shall be published on a website to be maintained by the Trust.


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