A secret plan to cut down over 120 trees on the proposed Crystal Palace multiplex site, and alongside the Parade and behind the bus terminus, has been disclosed to the Crystal Palace Campaign. The plan is to carry out the felling operation within four hours one morning before the nesting season begins at the end of February. This is quite separate from the hundreds of trees already cut down in the park – which offended many local residents.

The Campaign has protested both to Bromley Council and multiplex developer London & Regional Properties Ltd to get the plan halted. Not only would the felling prejudice proceedings still underway before the Appeal Court, it would also be in defiance of the full European Commission, which has intervened in the case. The UK government is in the course of replying to the EC which found that Bromley’s failure to require an Environmental Impact Assessment prior to granting multiplex planning permission did not comply with a European Directive, binding in UK law.

The Campaign has also been given undertakings by Bromley Borough Secretary Walter Million that felling would not be carried until the developer had taken possession of the site with a view to beginning construction – which the Campaign understands has not yet occurred. L&RP’s director Geoffrey Springer stated in Bromley magistrates court on November 27 that construction would not begin until October 2001.

The contractors’ plans centre on the fenced area which has been under 24-hour security guard control since the costly eviction of Eco warriors nearly two years ago. The Campaign has alerted its supporters to monitor its website at www.dircon.co.uk and its telephone help line 020 8653 5995 for the latest information and be prepared to demonstrate against the felling should Bromley and the developer fail to call a halt.

CPC spokesman Fred Emery said:

“We were appalled to learn of these plans. It is tantamount to a scorched earth policy by the developer – for if we are successful in halting the multiplex project, such a chainsaw massacre would wreck this strategic tree-lined ridge for years”.

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23/1/01 Last updated 23/1/01