In the first public sign that the Crystal Palace multiplex developer, defying political and widespread local opposition, is preparing in earnest for construction, notices have been affixed to the fences along the historic terraces applying for at least 14 liquor licenses in different parts of the proposed leisure centre.

The notices, dated June 27, give notice that London & Regional Properties Director Geoffrey Antony Springer intends applying on July 21 at Bromley Court House. The notice states the applications will be for “the provisional grant to me of a Justices Licence authorising me to sell by retail intoxicating liquor of all descriptions for consumption either on or off the premises about to be constructed”. The notices specify at least 14 different “units” within the proposed leisure centre.

The notices have been affixed to fences in the park, many of which are not even within the site of the proposed multiplex.

Crystal Palace Campaign Chairman Philip Kolvin commented: “ No cinema needs 14 separate licences for the sale of alcohol. The developer obviously cares nothing for the risk of turning this unwanted multiplex into lager louts alley – the biggest watering hole since Serengeti! It would be laughable were it not so serious. Atop this gigantic saloon is rooftop parking for 950 cars. The police will no doubt be alert to the drink-drive implications. It is one more reason why the multiplex must be halted and the Crystal Palace Campaign denounces the applications as scandalous and intends to oppose them in the courts”.

Notes for Editors:
Ways to halt the multiplex are currently being energetically explored by Darren Johnson, the elected GLA member of London Mayor Ken Livingstone’s cabinet, who has the environment brief. These include a pledge to use the new London Development Agency, officially launched Monday July 3, to investigate all the controversial funding of Bromley’s Crystal Palace Park projects. LDA member Victor Anderson (Green Party) has stated, “I want to ensure that Single Regeneration Budget and other public money is spent properly – not used as a subsidy for destructive commercial speculation”.

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1 July 2000 Last updated 1 July 2000