Crystal Palace Park - The Future - Aspiration/Costs

The Master Plan is structured so that different levels of change can be achieved mainly depending on the funding available but also on the aspirations of local people. It is not obvious that a maximum regeneration is always chosen - given the opportunity - since, at some level, it may be considered that over-regeneration would interefere with park open space.

Nevertheless, the public consultations have favoured the more extensive options - so three levels of possible work scope were identified:

Each of these have a list of work associated with them in various areas of the park (identified in the main map):

Revived Local Park (£40.5 million)

- this includes restored and enhanced landscape with features such as playgrounds. Although this is the most basic option, it takes up the bulk of the costs as it requires all the (expensive) landscaping works that are necessary to make the park more accessible and user friendly

General Area


Anerley Hill
Palace Site
Transitional Landscape
Central Area
Lower Lakes
Cricket Pitch

Paxton Fountain
Multi Play Ground Palace Site
Palace Fountain
ECO Palace Water Ponds
Upper Wall
Lower Wall
Alcove Fountain
Sunken Garden South
Sunken Garden North
Water Tables
Terrace Storage Pond
Terrace Purification Pond
Play Ground (W)
Play Ground (Y)
Paxton Water Pond
Informal Water Playground

Enhanced Regional Park ( additional £17.3 million)

- this will provide new park-related facilities, such as two new greenhouses with meditteranean and tropical plants (with the possibility of a butterfly area). There will be a cricket pavilion, a restored maze and an adventure playground. The cost of a new museum and a viewing tower (all alongside the old subway) is not included here as they will be financed through separate funding sources.

General Area


Sub-tropical Dry Greenhouse
Temperate/Tropical Greenhouse
Sydenham Cricket Pavilion
Subway/CPP Museum/Viewing Platform (excluded from costs)

Water Rill
Landscape Channel
Adventure Playground Part A/B
CP Bell
Concert Bowl
The Maze
Cricket Pitch

National/International Destination ( additional £9.4 million)

- this option will provide major new attractions such as a tree-top walkway and the energy tower which would be capable of drawing in significant numbers of new visitors to the park, helping to boost the local economy. The energy tower/s are not included in the costing and is/are likely to be funded separately through corporate sonsorship.

General Area


English Landscape

Tree Top Walk
Paxton Aquarium Mist Garden
Paxton Spring
Energy Tower (not in costs)

Cost Breakdown by Area


Costs £

A: Anerley Hill


B: Palace Site


C: Terraces


D: Transitional Landscape


E: Central Area


F: Lower Lakes


G: Cricket Pitch


H: English Landscape


Park wide costs




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