(N29) - Crystal Palace Corner Project - report 1 June 2008 - by Ray Sacks

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Corner Prepared - ribboned and ready for the off | Are we ready? - Children from the Paxton School form up behind | Paxton Tribute - A poem by John Greatrex | Ribbon removing - various pearly people, Albert & Victoria and children from the Paxton School remove the ribbon | John and Alastair - Great Exhibitions Ltd and Paxton Society | Dignitaries - adults and children aplenty gathered on a sunny Saturday, the 7th June 2008 | Union Jacks everywhere - in use since 1801 (press Back to return) | The CORNER - needs a few touches of paint but the splendid cast iron could last and last...


Where Lewisham and Lambeth Walk
With Croydon and Southwark

Greets with Bromley on Parade,
Upon this green hill not so far

From Sydenham, Joseph
Paxton's Palace was remade.

His style and his spirit
Can be seen within his park

In the landscape, lakes, foundations;
In the branches, roots and bark;

And at this quiet corner
After sun-set in the dark.

...by John Greatrex

Crystal Palace Park was the site of South London's Crystal Palace 1854 - 1936

Rebuilt on Sydenham Hill by Sir Joseph Paxton in the park he designed.

Paxton Primary School

is a Lambeth Primary School for boys and girls aged 3 to 11. Because it is a small school, we are able to know each child well and believe this enhances his/her happiness and educational achievement. We enjoy being part of a community where people from many different cultures live side by side and we have developed links with local organisations.



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