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Old Booking Hall - Crystal Palace Station

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The exhibition covers all aspects of the Master Plan with some stunning pictures of what the new park will look like. Plans, documentation and details of all the changes are shown together with information summarising the Master Planners thinking and the design outcome.

The Old Booking Hall alongside Crystal Palace Station looks great. Its last known use was as an auction house many years ago. This is its first public opening since the thoughtful restoration of the building.

DON'T MISS THIS EXHIBITION - it will be the last before the Master Plan is submitted to Bromley Council (at the end of this month) and is certainly the easiest way to get to grips with this comprehensive and imaginative plans for the complete refurbishment of Crystal Palace Park.

You love the Park. We love the Park.

We'd like to show you the vision that has been developed for Crystal Palace Park, how it might look and how it might function. This booklet [available at the exhibition] shows the Masterplan for the Park, which revisits the glory and grandeur of its past; embraces its present; and sets out a vision for its dynamic future.

This Masterplan forms the basis of a planning application that is being submitted to the London Borough of Bromley.

The exhibition can also be viewed on the Crystal Palace Park website:

- London Development Agency

Who is responsible for bringing this vision together?

The Masterplan has been designed by a team including landscape architects, architects and environmental, ecology and other specialists and in consultation with the local community.

It fully explores every aspect of the Park- particularly the heritage, landscape, sport and ecology.

The proposals have evolved as a result of this process. It has been regularly reviewed by each group to ensure that no single 'interest' dominates.

The Masterplan being submitted is a result of collaboration between five distinct strands of specialists and interested parties:

Why create a Masterplan?

Crystal Palace Park is capable of being one of the most important parks in the country. However, it has been in a state of decline in recent years and it has lost the coherent vision of its original designer, Sir Joseph Paxton.

In 2006 the London Development Agency took over the National Sports Centre, in the middle of the Park, from Sport England with an objective to secure its future. From this initial involvement, the London Development Agency recognised the need to widen its focus to embrace the entire Park.

In 2006 the London Development Agency commissioned internationally-renowned, landscape architects Latz + Partner to develop a Masterplan for the future of Crystal Palace Park.

In creating the Masterplan, the landscape architects have been guided by a planning framework for Crystal Palace Park that was prepared in 2005 by the London Development Agency and endorsed by the London Borough of Bromley. This framework identified five Core Principles or requirements for the successful regeneration of the Park. Each element of the Masterplan has been checked against these five Core Principles.

Core Priciples


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