How you can help : 2007+

(The old "How you can Help" page has been archived in file A28)

The process getting the Campaign and our supporters to this stage has been long but, at last, shows signs of bringing great improvements to Crystal Palace Park. Time after time, public consultation, including our own published as "Consultation Starts Here" , March 2002 , has shown that the general consensus of views is that the majority want a significant change to the Park. Of course, this is tempered by the understanding that it all costs!

The best help that you could give right now is to keep informed and keep supporting the dialogue process, attend the events and let your opinion be known:


-------by checking on various websites:

-------by reading the publication from Dialogue called "Park Life" this is distributed to about 30,000 houses around the Park. If you're close to the Park and not getting a copy, let us know and we'll try and organise delivery (see contact the Campaign below).

-------by attending the events set up as communication meetings; these are very good since you have a chance to talk face-to-face with the LDA and others.

-------by contacting the Campaign ; let us know if you also want to be on our email-list.

Finally, beware of the wild stories sometimes circulating in the local papers and elsewhere; check the facts, then decide!

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